Private Career Coaching

Private Career Coaching is available to professionals who are determined to make a clear and focused decision about the next stage of their career. Individual coaching can help you build confidence, regain your energy, realize the value you bring to the workplace, create an action plan to move forward with purpose, and begin to live the life you could only imagine.

  • Make Clear and Focused Decisions                          
  • Strategic Planning and Goal Setting                              
  • Thought Partnership and Accountability                
  • Challenge Assumptions and Perspectives                

Private Executive Coaching is a high-impact process that helps executives reach their performance goals and provides the tools to sustain these results over time. It is a collaborative relationship used to develop leadership capabilities, enhance career development, retain high-potential employees, and manage leadership transitions.

  • New Manager Transitions                    
  • Leadership Development                  
  • Change Limiting Behaviors               
  • Role Transition and First 100 Days   
  • Goal Setting and Strategic Action Planning       
  • Effective Decision-Making                  
  • Action Planning with Roadmap
  • Manage Work/Life Integration
  • Digital Branding and Professional Presence
  • Job Search and Networking Strategies
  • Lead, Manage and Develop Others
  • Improve Communication
  • Build a Productive Team
  • Time Management and Work/Life Integration
  • Executive Presence
  • Career Navigation
Private Executive Coaching


Most clients are experienced professionals from a variety of industries including: banking, financial services, law, human resources, professional services, information technology, and marketing.

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