"Jennifer Malach is a top-notch career coach. I had the pleasure of working with Jennifer for my career and job search transition. Jennifer's solution oriented and focused approach made an arduous task less complicated and fearful. With her career expertise and knowledge we were able to devise a strategy that was custom fit for my situation. In addition, the lessons I learned from Jennifer were reflection, career confidence and perseverance. Lastly, Jennifer coaches with a breath of compassion and authenticity."  -- T.S., Human Resources Professional

"I had the opportunity and privilege to be coached by Jen Malach. I cannot think of a better person who could have coached me while facing a career crossroad. Jen brings 20+ years experience to the table in corporate recruiting and she efficiently accompanied me as a thought partner to realize which was the path I wanted, needed and was ready to follow. Jen always went beyond my expectations, providing exceptional service and support, asking amazing questions, and showed genuine interest in my concerns. She is enthusiastic and energetic, and most of all, she always showed the highest level of commitment to me, to my goal, and to my professional future. If you need someone to help you bring clarity in your professional future, Jen Malach is the Coach for you."  -- A.B., Pharma & Consumer Goods Executive

"I had taken a job at a start up company that was attached to a 50,000 employee organization. After awhile I felt undervalued and taken advantage of. I turned to Jen to help me figure out...what next? Jen helped me see what was best for ME in a work environment and with a job. We worked through a structured plan to determine what was important to me in a job and in a career. Our discussions lead me to believe it was time for me to search for employment elsewhere. Jen and I spent the next 3 months clarifying my skills, expertise areas, and strengths. She helped me see the value in my background and most importantly how to put that into a marketing tool to help me get a new job. We worked on creative strategies to find a new job by utilizing my vast network and LinkedIn. We also worked on interview skills. Jen helped me to see the VALUE in ME and once I was able to see that value and the value I can add to a company, I had the confidence to get 3 offers and accept the RIGHT job for me just 3 months after we set that initial goal. I am happy to report I am happily employed and thankful to Jen for helping me get here."  -- C.W., HR/Recruiting Professional

"I worked with Jennifer for my first event for Inspiration Alliance and she exceeded our expectations. Jennifer is an organized, detail-oriented, terrific career management and leadership coach. She is an active listener, understanding, positive, and professional. I am thankful I met her at a WomenWorking.com event. I encourage everyone to hire her for any career management needs!" 

      -- J.L., Marketing & Promotions Specialist and Co-Founder, Inspiration Alliance

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"When I first contacted Jennifer I was completely stuck in my job search. I didn't know where to begin. Jennifer helped me to strengthen me resume, create a social media presence and organize my job search so that I could start moving in the right direction. One of the most important things she helped me with is to get over my fear of networking. The end result was being able to transition into an entirely new area of law after moving to a new city and starting from scratch. Jennifer was instrumental in making it happen. I cannot recommend her highly enough."  -- C.L., Attorney

"Jennifer was organized, knowledgeable, kept the discussion on track and provided excellent tools."

"I felt supported by Jennifer without judgement.  Good to know that taking a breather and a step back from my job search can be helpful."

"Jennifer was a great in helping me realize the importance of goal setting and networking in my job search."

"The small group setting was insightful in knowing that there are so many others in the same situation and to not give up!"

       -- UJA and WJCS Women-Helping-Women participants, "Creating & Organizing Your Job Search" workshop​

"Jennifer takes time to learn about her clients, so that she can tailor her messages and provide a meaningful program experience. I worked with Jennifer during a career transition and I found our sessions to be helpful to enable me to make decisions for myself. She patiently coached me and didn't 'tell' me what to do next. I would recommend Jennifer as a leadership coach for individuals at all points in their career."   -- C.D., HR Manager

"Jennifer helped me get organized for my job search, fine tuned my resume, brought me "up to speed" in the social media world, taught me how to mine all of my business connections for that one gold nugget, a job that I love!

Thank you so much Jen!"  -- B.H., Real Estate Developer